Our Favorite Seattle Brands

Our Favorite Seattle Brands

Made in Seattle, for real!

1. Cosmic Twin

Minimalist, offbeat jewelry handmade by Madeleine Pope. Each piece is one of a kind and built to last. Designs are influenced by movement, natural asymmetry, shape, form, and androgyny. The above cuties can be purchased at Prism.

2. Olivine

You can inexplicably tell that Olivine perfumes are made with love. And then you read the creator's bio and realize she's crazy about scents, and you get it. Each perfume has such a romantic name — Amongst the Waves, More Than the Stars — and feature such exotic ingredients as Arabian sandalwood, tonka bean, Egyptian jasmine, and green musk. You can find Olivine at Queen Anne Mail & Dispatch and Essenza.

3. Baleen

Hey, who knew that quality, handmade jewelry can be affordable and fun? Assembled by hand, with care, Baleen's effortless, modern pieces are easy to add to your everyday wardrobe. You can find Baleen at Moorea Seal and Prism. They also have a wonderful brick-and-mortar in Ballard.

4. Pine & Boon

Designer of Pine & Boon Jess Griffith describes her creations as "informed by raw intuition, utilitarian construction, and artful details." That's apparent in her leather wallets, pouches, and tote bags. Each design is functional — no bells and whistles — a minimalist's dream. If colors are chosen, they are pure and primary. Same goes for shapes (we love her triangle and circle coin pouches). And as far as artful details go, a swipe of paint is all it takes to make handmade carry-all that much more interesting. Shop Pine & Boon at Moorea Seal and Velouria.

5. Fresh Tangerine

Fresh Tangerine makes carefully crafted, easy to wear, playful yet meaningful, and most of all, affordable jewelry, specializing in their minimalistic stacking rings but not excluding friendship bracelets and squiggly earrings. Basically the perfect everyday jewelry brand for the modern girl. They have a little brick-and-mortar in Pioneer Square, but you can also find them at Glasswing and Pipe & Row.

6. Filson

The very outdoorsy Filson is a wildcard on this list of pretty jewelry and accessories, but they actually have some amazing pieces for women and for the home. Their classic appeal makes their pieces sought-after by those who desire to return to simpler, more functional designs. I love their turtleneck and bandana for wear, and their Chelan chair and Mackinaw blanket for home. Visit their headquarters in SoDo.

7. Faris Jewelry

Faris is a jewelry line that distills complexity into a wearable statement. These bold, sculptural statements aim to elevate the everyday and the rare occasion. At the heart of Faris is the sincere desire to imbue wearers with artfulness and audacity. You can find Faris Jewelry at the Frye Art Museum.

8. French Girl Organics

These days, "all-natural" "handmade" beauty brands are a dime a dozen, but there is certainly something special about French Girl Organics. Their simple and chic packaging is worth displaying on your bathroom counter, and their shimmering body oil (above), salt and sugar body polish, and jasmine-scented dry shampoo are unique and beautiful skincare asstandouts. Available at Velouria. 

9. Rachel Ravitch

Rachel's minimalist statement jewelry and accessories are made with unexpected and luxurious materials such as horse hair, porcelain and Italian lambskin. Her pieces are like wearing soft sculptures around your neck and wrists. Check out her stuff at Glassing and Frye Art Museum Store.

10. Antica Farmacista

You can find these luxury home fragrances at your local Nordstrom as well as Stuhlbergs and Essenza. The hand soaps, hand lotions, candles, room sprays, and diffusers come in unique fragrance blends. My favorite for summer is Lotus Cucumber and my favorite for colder seasons is Vanilla, Bourbon, and Mandarin.

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