I'm tired, so tired

I'm tired, so tired

*The title of this post was inspired by Madeline Kahn's song in Blazing Saddles.

It's the craziest conundrum: how is it that I feel exhausted by just sitting at a desk for five hours? You know the feeling, I'm sure. It's two o'clock, the tuna sandwich with extra pickles is settling in your stomach, and you are confident that if you were to close your eyes before your computer screen, you'd just pass out. Bye, everyone! I can't look at another Excel spreadsheet, I'm out. 8 hour work days are a bullshit construction of American Puritanical work ethic. You guys know that in Europe they work for like four hours and then go home and take a nap until dinner. That's progressive, man! Ok fine. You decide to keep working. But what to do about this undying feeling of complete fatigue? I did some mild to moderate internet research, and asked around to see what others have to say on the subject. Here's my running list on waking yourself up from the midday slump (besides the obvious caffeine OD):

1. Workout. If you have the luxury of being employed at a place that has its own gym, try a 20-30 cardio workout before lunch. It's proven to get the blood flowing in all the right places again and give you a boost of energy. Plus it's out of the way for the rest of the day.

2. Go on a walk. Step away from your desk and do a brisk one around the block a couple times. Or over to your favorite independent coffee shop that's a couple streets down. Something about leaving your computer screen behind really puts things into perspective. 

3. Take a whiff. Aromatherapy is an easy way to boost your energy and mood. Citrus is recommended, so peel an orange and breathe deep. Soul Sunday makes great aromatherapy rollers, and All-Nighter sounds like the perfect one to have at your desk.

4. Natural light. If we are blessed with sunshine this winter, take advantage of it. Get out and just sit and soak it up — you can even sit in a sun-filled room to get the affect. That natural light is soooo life-giving (just make sure you have SPF on because UV rays be a bitch).

5. Start a mid-afternoon snack break habit. Remember when we were young and we'd have after-school snacks before we started our homework? I feel like it's kind of like that. That extra kick in the pants to get us through to dinner. Coconut chips. Chia pudding. Ellenos yogurt. Edamame. Hummus. Do it! 

More quickie ideas:

  • Meditate
  • Listen to a song that really pumps you up (Pump it, LOUDER!)
  • Clean your desk (clutter can be so distracting)
  • Read a magazine (not on your computer)
  • Do a crossword (get those brain juices flowing in a different way)
  • Chew gum (minty freshness will wake you up)
  • Drink water (challenge a coworker to a chugging contest)
  • Call your mom (she'll tell you to snap out of it)
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